Own1000 in his officer uniform.

Own1000, known as "Owndrak", had entered VAK after being a prisoner of General Kjet during the 1st APN-VAK war. He had served as a spy for many Generals. (He served as a spy for General Lil2mario and at one point, use to contact Vaktus via PM and learn about the Empire) He was soon after exiled from Vak by Lil2mario.

Eventually, Own1000 (2nd account holdier, his real life brother) had re-entered VAK and reached the rank of Lieutenant. He had been General Sage's personal operative and was nearly chosen as his LHM (Left Hand Man), but Sage chose Captain xXxRaPPeRoxXx instead. He had trouble achieving Captain as the Autarch found him to compulsive, and General Sage found him to immature (unlike the previous account holder) He had left as soon as the war with John's Cobras had ended..


He had served in the initial invasion of John's Cobras and initial invasion of Frost Clan. 

The 1st account holder had trained and even primarily founded the Vaktovian Military Police, as Own has believed in justice. He had trained Colonel mafiaman98 and for a short time trained Colonel mikekilla2, along with Colonel Jack. (They were all Lieutenents when he trained them. They were all candidates for Captain).