Vaktovian Empire Wiki

The place picture for Outpost Kaznan.

Oupost Kaznan, named after the Kaznan Jungle in Killzone, was one of the most used bases next to Outpost Pyro. It is located on a Vaktovian-terra formed planet, in a deep alien jungle. The jungle is comprised with many orange and green grasses, and a special plant that somewhat resembles eyes looking at you, found mainly on walls. The raider base/spawn is a small walled-in box that looks like a movie set of a room, with some portable lights around it. The Vaktovian base that is set up here is a multi-story building with a walkway and console (flag) room built on the side of a cliff. There was a dropship available for Vaktovian usage. This is known as the largest base of the Vaktovian Empire, and could be very confusing to get through if you were inexperienced.

This fort was later removed by Vaktus.