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Oppius's most recent apperance

Oppius, also known as Sindorr Symaen II, is a loyal Officer of The Vaktovian Empire. Oppius joined The Vaktovian Empire early on in 2011 but went inactive on roblox. When he returned to roblox in 2012 on a new account, he joined the Vaktovian Army Corps. Oppius was enlisted into The Vaktovian Empire exactly 6 months of serving in Vaktovian Army Corps, the second time around. He is the carefully crafted bio genetic clone of Count Sindorr Symaen, a.k.a  XXxRaPPeRoxXx. He is also The Count's guard and moral son. Oppius is a known for his extreme loyalty.

Oppius is known to be an extremely demanding trainer and superior. Any soldiers in the presence of him should practice discipline and avoid immaturity.

Oppius is currently enlisted in the Vaktovian Commando Unit, the newest version of the Vaktovian Commando Regiment. Right before the VCR was disbanded, Oppius was being inducted in. Now that divisions have been reinstalled in to the empire, he has taken his place among the commandos. He is also a Vanguard Unit Captain, Vaktovian Raid commander and EI Scribe.

Oppius is a member of the prestigious Symaen Family , a family known for secrecy and pride. From that he takes the name, "Sindorr Symaen II". His closest and most respected companions are that in the Symaen Family .

Oppius is also a friend with the former Spymaster of Vaktovia, Barry1234 . Barry gave the nickname "The Loyalist" to Oppius. The name is still his title in Barry's exclusive Mussert Family today. 

He was the former owner of The Vaktovian Training Corps, a group to teach Vaktovians and VACs information and skills prior to help them in the Empire. The group was shut down by him.


"The Others sing this song of Light and Dark. We, together, have transcended such unimaginative limitations." "Time has a limited quantity, spend it wisely."

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

"By Reason or By Force." Adopted from Sindorr Symaen I