OfficerSam was a long trusted Colonel of the Coalition, trusted by all of the Generals, and especially XDHAPPYXD (Vaktus). He always gave his all. Thus leading him up to the rank of General shortly after joining the Vaktovian cause. He was with VAK for a very long time. About 4 years in total. 

From the very beginning, OfficerSam was focused on helping a group explode into power. He had always dreamed of being very successful and eventually, after finding his way into VAK, he did just that.

Sam had many Right Hand men and women. While all would apply, when Sam made a shout out that he was looking, he would only take the very best. The ones that he knew would have his six, regardless of the situation they were in.

Over time, OfficerSam had recruited and trained over 400 soldiers. Each one, respect by Sam.

OfficerSam's records show that he was a very victorious General, however, many disliked they way he trained his men. Some would say he was arrogant. Others, prideful. But most of all, they would say that he was Harsh to the bone with his platoons. Which, in reality, was very good. Winning a total fraction of his career, it would end up being about 8/10 of victories.

OfficerSam was then exiled shortly after the group began exploding. Nobody knows why he was exiled, but he believes one of his very own soldiers disapproved of the way he did things, and ratted him out to the Emperor, making things worse than they really were. Emperor Vaktus then had a choice in the matter..Believe this one soldier, or take the side of one of his best Generals. Vaktus was then troubled and out of despair, exiled OfficerSam. Many say he just left, others, he was banned. But the truth of the matter is, he was exiled, and it is probably one of the greatest mysteries of them all. 

After about a week or so being exiled, groups then flooded him with requests. Many groups promising great positions, but never kept their promise. OfficerSam to this day seeks out new opportunities. But while he was exiled, he found refuge in two main groups. IRM (Imperial Robloxian Military) and Raven Empire. He also joined up with EBH (Elite Brother Hood) and T.E. (Terran Empire). Officer then grew stronger than he had ever been before, and now, he continues to side with groups, helping them explode into massive empires once more. 

OfficerSam can be seen around Roblox, and you can send him a message! He WILL respond! He enjoys now, talking with old members of the Vaktovian Coalition and Empire eras. He will NEVER forget his experiences, and he will continue to reside in Robloxia, being a very happy Ex- Vaktovian.