Senior Colonel OldMachine

General Isadarias is currently a retired Vaktovian General. His full Vaktovian name is High Lord Isadarius Sicarius. As a general, he changed his name from "ShadowBlacksmith" to "OIdMachine" and now to "Vythul".

He joined the Vaktovian Army Corps back in September 2011, and has been a loyal supporter of the Empire ever since.

General Sicarius, as his surname shows, is the leader and founder of the Sicarius Family.


"We are the Emperor's angels of death, not his angels of mercy."

"Unity through Chaos"


- Shadowblacksmith went through the Cadet program at the same time as General Gannex.

- He was graduated by Ex-Academy Commandant Vydrakk Mussert.

- His previous names and surnames are; Zanos(Now used as a middle-name), Lucius, Aureus, Elio, and Kharnerus.

- General Sicarius does not have a major use for staff. He has two Advisors, and an Apprentice.