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NitroStrike, also known as Nitroniks Zastec, is currently a Vaktovian Senior Colonel, as well as the owner of The Zastec Family. He is also an overseer in VAC. His previous username was nitro78.

He is known for hosting Trainings specifically aimed on marching. However, he is better known for his exceptional raids and inspiring speeches. He has never taking defeat for an answer. 

He owns a rally that features 3 Vaktovian cruisers and a land below for rallying. He uses the rally in most of his raids.

Vaktovia's Raider

He is responsible for more than half of the raids in Vaktovia, and does raid series instead of just a single raid. He, as stated before, doesn't take defeat for an answer, and if he fails once, he will hit back harder very soon. His inspiring speeches and quick and swift raiding skills have given him my personal title of Vaktovia's Raider.