Nemanjak was a Private First Class in Vaktovia. He has been serving Vaktovia for around 2 years. His first contact was during the RAT-VAK war as a RAT ranked a soldier.

He decided to return when the new Vaktovian Era has started.

Early days

Originally Nemanjak joined a bit before the war began. The war begun when he was ranked a Soldier. He was a fierce fighter against the Empire with a built-in hatred for it. He thought of it as, wicked, evil and corrupted. He grew in ranks with the aid of his unkown friend. Eventually he become a Supervisor, a high rank of RAT. He made a decision, to spy on the Empire. The moment he made that decision was the moment someone posted on the wall about the Vaktovians going to see a brand new place for raids of the Empire. It was stroudie's Teleportation Hub. He joined VAC as it was had no pending time back then. He did not expect to be converted by the Empire. This is the time he served the Empire and not RAT. But that time was short, as he left VAC soon after and rejoined RAT. That lasted even less as he came back into VAC again. He became a Level 2 after a few months raiding RAT in every raid possible. Eventually he joined VEC, the Vaktovian Empire Cadets. He was in the generation of current generals Isadarias back then Shadowblacksmith and gh98765. The only reason he didn't get into the Empire was his own foolishess of leaving VEC.

Later days

Upon leaving VEC, he rejoined RAT. He became a Soldier and then joined FEAR, becoming a FEAR High Rank in 2 weeks. He was spit on most of the time by his ex-friend current general ShadowBlackSmith. Soon after he missed the Empire once again, and left everything to rejoin. Unfortunantly, some people knew what he has done, and never trusted him, one of them jetpackboy who almost got him exiled as for a misunderstanding. He was exiled a few times, once for making a joke, once for another misunderstanding and a few times he didn't know himself. He reached Level 3 at some stage, and joined TVA, but to his misfortune it was during the "TVA AA" and he was exiled. Shortly after, he was JTed by ex-colonel by123456789. It is unknown if he had left TVA or if he was exiled for the reforms, but he has advanced further and became a Level 4. He was interviewed a few months later by current general gh98765. He joined The Vaktovian Empire on January 17th 2013.