"Meythle Arms" Was the successor to the Vaktovian science division. In early 2010 or late 2011 it was created, It's name taken after the last name of it's original chairman whom was ordered by Vaktus after envoy by the supreme general at the time to create it.

It's place in the empire did not last long for it's seen inefficiency, and the growing tension between it's chairman and the main empire officer core. He was exiled from his placement in the actual empire because of the growing tensions between him and those he deemed "unworthy" of their rank positions or stature in the empire.

It's story though short lived was filled with absolution towards recognition by the empire itself. With much it's story left in shadow, it is at least clear that it was destroyed after the full excommunication by the emperor with all but a few scientists to continue working in the empire. (such as Stroudie)

And though it's entire reputation tarnished by shades of black and red, that did not stop the original chairman's ill-wrought successors from attempting to recreate it. This would lead it through owners most notably ProEvil123, E981, and a large amount of unnoticeable others. This seed of succession between countless people would end up with the entire group being completely lost and impossible to find.

It's demise would end up like everything else and everyone else involved, clouded in shadows and ill-known to the rest of Vaktovia. It's place in Vaktovian history diminished to dust.