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The Medi-gun found at SMO 2.0.

The old design of the medi-gun.

The Vaktovian Medi-Gun is a medical tool that can heal nearby allies. It was originally created by the ex-Vaktovian tech designer, Stroudie.

Design and Function

The design of the Medi-Gun is a short, blunt barrel with the Vaktovian emblem shaped on the front. It shoots out a green ray that heals the person you are aiming at. Once the Medi-Gun is out of charge, the only place to recharge it is in the base of SMO 2.0, in the infirmary.

Where to find it

The Medi-Gun is found in everyone's starterpack at SMO 2.0, including raiders.


  • At the original SMO, there were several recharge points scattered around the terrain.
  • The original purpose of the medi-gun was to make up for the fact that Health Regeneration is disabled at Vaktovian bases; This is due to a bug that means damage dealt by raycast weapons (technology used in Vaktovian weapons) does not always register, causing a health glitch.
  • A known bug at SMO II's outdated training grounds is that equipping a weapon too early can cause the One-handed Gun Glitch. When this happens, it also affects the medi-gun, however the medi-gun still functions unlike normal weapons. When the medi-gun is glitched with one hand, the user is able to heal themself.