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MaximusStarkMD was a Level 3/4 in the Vaktovian Army Corps.

Before becoming a VAC, he had served as a high rank in many groups that are hostile towards the "Empire". Those clans being: Vortex Security, F.E.A.R, Roblox Assault Team, Johns Cobras, and RFST [5], and VRC (Vaktovian Raiding Community). Most knowledge known comes from his RFST [5] time during 2014 in which he commanded wear-and-tear raids on Outpost Kaznan.

In 2016, after serving in MANY more other superclans and powerclans, Maximusdecided to give the Empire a try. He planed to continue his career in the Empire and achieve more goals such as graduating VAC and entering the Medical/Guardian Units.

On 2/21/17, Maximus left due to to beliefs and issues he has witnessed within the Empire. Believing the Empire is no longer the right place for him, he has continued on to other clans.

Quotes Edit

"Ideas are more powerful than guns."

"If we would not let our enemies have guns, Why would we let them have ideas?"

"You shall perish, heretic!"

"Amidst the chaos, I stand."