Ex Corporal lol19991 (Current Name Naess)

She joined Roblox 25th June 2010.

She served Vaktovia as a corporal in early 2011. before she left. She was a trainer in the Academy.

I finally got into Vaktovia sometime in 2010, was really excited.
I got framed for some things that I did not really do and had to spend jail time the first day I got in...
I loved Vaktovia a lot back then so I patrolled everyday, unless the base was exploited which happened a lot, I can still remember all those Nukes.
I was still noobish to war groups at the time so I did not understand they had divisions so I never joined any except a group where people could hire Vaktovians to asassinate people in exchange for robux. I did business with fourpapa1 a lot and I assassinated some leaders for him.. but that division was disbanded for a reason I can't remember.
My roleplay name was Zyna Alyxa before a Vaktovian family adopted me the Atronic Family, which I believe davidms5 was the dad of it... and surved12 was the mom, and I had two siblings I can't recall their roblox usernames though...
I could've gone on in the Empire, but I decided to retire one day in 2011 at the rank of a Corporal, because Vaktovian officers neglected their soldiers so much it made me mad, at the time they didn't even have regular trainings for the ones in the main group, just one if we were lucky.