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Ex-Vaktovian Captain Dovah Alcatraz  has been with The Empire since mid-2012.

He has been part of the Alcatraz Family since mid 2013.

He has been serving the Empire for almost a year now, he loved to do so.

He has no final goal set, because it wouldn't be achievable, or it wouldn't be his final one, because he will be spending a long time there.

He is now currently at the rank of Corporal, having retired from the Empire


Vaktovian Rank


EI Rank

Assistant Manager

Vaktovian Name Dovah Alcatraz

The Evolution Initiative

He is one of the assistant managers of the EI, which means he oversees the work of everyone within the EI.

He is part of The Evolution Initiative and prefers to work as a scripter. He can also build, and do artwork.

Examples of his work can be found anywhere. He had been working on The Vaktovian Summer Games 2013, and also designed a gun for The Vaktovian Winter Games 2013.

Short Terms

"Sworen loyal to the Vaktovian Empire and those who are part of it"

"Trusted by those who I name my friend and those who name me their friend"

"Whilest the world is in chaos, I think, thinking of a better world"

"Human, thinking, living, existing; these are the words of philosophy"


I have been thinking all my life, reading things about the past and cosidering what the future could look like. I have learned things of history, but that does not mean I will make the same mistakes. As they say in French: "L'histoire se répète", in English: "The history repeats itself".

I was born in The Netherlands, so my main language is Dutch. While playing video games and watching television, I soon learned English, which was perfectionized during my school time. I also learned German and French there, these do I find very hard. As known, I am good at languages and I love h

istory. So that is why I also learned (old) Greece and Latin. These are very dificult, however they are very interesting.

I also have a love for coding, I code in Rbx.Lua since 2012. I have not created any major scripting games, but I have learned many things about Rbx.Lua in the meanwhile. Who knows what the future brings?


He is confused all the time with his older brother koen523. koen523 took his alt when they just started on ROBLOX.