Kingofkingskillzoid was a Vaktovian Colonel, who joined shortly before the Cadets were first created.  He achieved the rank of Colonel in less than nine months and fought in many of the conflicts of the Empire's early years. He formally resigned from the empire much time later, speaking with the Emperor himself for allowance to do so. His reasons mainly revovled around "not being able to the empire fall to ruin any longer" - due to the formation of TGI and the political battles within VAK that had plagued the empire for that period of time. Since then he has been in various groups, gaining experience through his many short runs with groups. Since then he has done some smaller jobs for VAK, such as being one of the first people selected to test the Vaktovian Training Academy. He also served a short term in the recent TGI-VAK war, leaving VAC once he though the group was inactive once more, as the fighting had cooled down and went to a snail's pace.

He is now a VAC level 1, ready to begin working his way up into VAK. His goal is to become a captain in the empire-

And try to get the original uniforms back, the new ones are "horrid" in his opinion.