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KakashiMontage, also known by his previous username Dtvcool239, is known for being active and as a great gun and sword fighter. Kakashi left Vaktovia at the rank of Corporal in the middle of the VAK-TGI war and made his way into the ranks of TGI as a VAK operative to gain intel on the enemy. His hat combo's were Dark tutor, Justice of theif, and a Classic Sword Pack. Dtv/Dark had a robot arm from his ex-mentor (for swords), Anakinskywalker221s. Upon his return to the Empire at the rank of Private First Class, the ex-Corporal was very pleased to finally return to his comrades and serves to this day. KakashiMontage is currently a member of the Vaktovian Vanguard Unit, and has made it to the rank of Lieutenant. He also is a part of the Vaktovian Royal Guard, and is known there as "Kakashi the Wall".

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