Justcescooby in his Vaktovian Colonel uniform at a copy of the Vaktovian Recruitment Center. This photo was just reminiscing as it was taken after he had left from his Colonel position.

Justcescooby, later known as Revan Xul, was a Vaktovian Colonel towards the beginning years of the Empire. He returned to VAC in 2011, and was exiled during a mass exiling of the Vaktovian Academy in 2012.


After a dispute with Dologan, Justcescooby left the Empire and went on to become a leader in Christina8787's X-101st, which he then became a clan icon because many groups promoted him for diplomatic reasons. Upon the shut down of X-101st, Justcescooby kept his clan icon status for a few months, until he pissed off Donkeyo4, the leader of R.A.T at the time. In anger, Donkeyo4 had Justcescooby exiled from every clan he was a high rank in except U.A.F, which was lead by BenBlue9 at the time. BenBlue9 had respect for Justcescooby, who was a U.A.F Red Army (special forces) officer, therefore leading him to turn down ally Donkeyo4's order to exile Justcescooby. Due to the fact that this vendetta against Justcescooby lead by Donkeyo4 happened around the same time as the VAK vs R.A.T war, Justcescooby returned to the Empire as part of the Vaktovian Army Corps. It was at this time that Justcescooby met the Xul family and became part of it, furthermore going by the name of Revan Xul, a name he still uses today outside of Vaktovia and even outside of ROBLOX. Justcescooby eventually became a student in the Vaktovian Academy, reaching level 5, and a police officer in the Xul family. Before Justcescooby had the chance to get accepted in the Empire again, everyone was exiled from the Vaktovian Academy, including Justcescooby, and the Vaktovian Army Corps turned into the Vaktovian Ascension Core. It was at this time that Justcescooby decided to turn away from Vaktovia once again to better focus on his own Empire, the Shuranian Empire. Shortly after his departure from VAK, Justcescooby ultimately left the clan world. Justcescooby's current ROBLOX status is inactive, though he does log on every now and then, and it's been said that's he has visited the Vaktovian recruitment center a few times this month.


Colonel Justcescooby was extremely strict and spent a lot of time with Vaktovia, either training members 1on1 or protecting the bases.

During his time in VAC during 2011, Justcescooby was very patriotic towards Vaktovia, and while not in a position of authority, he was still very strict when needed to be. He was a very passionate and dedicated VAC, which led him to fly through the ranks of both VAC and the Vaktovian Academy.

Service Record

During his time in VAC, Justcescooby participated in multiple wars/raids. Most notably, the VAK war with R.A.T.

Justcescooby is a veteran of the wars with:








and finally,