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John's Cobras current logo.

John's Cobras most notable and former logo.

John's Cobras is a well known group originally led by pspjohn1, and is currently led by AtomicRXN, that the Vaktovian Empire defeated in the short VAK-JC war. The Empire decided to have a war with John's Cobras, so raids were held and most raids were won. Their official base is called Fort Fang, and is a small city with a base in the back. Raiders spawn in a small fort at the other side of the city. The weapons selection is based on how much money you have collected, and how much you can buy. Raiders can get the same exact weapons as the Cobras do. There are no V.I.P weapons. Once the raiders hold the flag in the base for 1800 seconds, the raiders win the raid.

John's Cobras' fort Fang.

For the most part, JC is like any other superclan, where it is based on numbers, and for the most part lacks skill, except for certain mid to high ranks, which actually show potential skill. Yet, JC seems to have an ego, acting like they are a strong futuristic military, and are known as the most active superclan. JC gets more activity at their base via raiders than any other superclan. JC's home planet is on Carpathia.


Very recently, JC fell into inactivity, but AtomicRXN has since reformed it, with pspjohn1 establishing him as the new JC Emperor. John's Cobras is now working to rebuild its former glory.