Ex Private Jijibibi served the Vaktovian Empire from June 2012 till September 2012.

During the VAK - WIJ war he fled from WIJ to VAK. He managed to get people to flee WIJ and join VAK to help.

He has a new account "BinaryDood" as his main account got terminated.


My time here is being cut shorter, and shorter. It has been halved when jijibibi got terminated.

Here's a simple flowchart. -WIJ ------> VAK/Project Wolf/WIJ ------> WIJ/Hydrex--------> WIJ/Hydrex (2011)-------------(2012)------------------(2013)--------------(2014)

I have done some notable things in my career, one of them is simply being able to pass VAC and get into VAK. I passed with a bare minimum score but I still got accepted. Oh well, weird. During my time in VAK (2012), I started a trend of WIJ joining VAK and VAK joining WIJ.

During my time in WIJ (2011), the peak of my career, I was a Shock Trooper, and a Shock Trooper Academy Trainer. For those of you newer WIJans, the Academy was disbanded during 2013 and replaced with a newer system to stop the influx of below - par Shock Troopers. Good thinking, SS.

Remember, one day, you will quit this game too. Hope it's later rather than sooner. Get the most out of each and every game, experience every possible aspect of it.

SS, to keep activity up, leak a bit of Project Hex and work on the space combat. You're like Obama, I swear. Promising things that can never be done.

Good luck with your future careers. Good luck with your lives.