General Hunter7777

Huntek is currently a Vaktovian General. He is also a member of the Vaktovian Royal Guard, and is well known due to his outstanding gun fighting performance.  He is the newest Vaktovian General to date, being promoted from Colonel December 18th, 2014. He is also commander of the Vaktovian Medical Unit.


"A community that prefers to live in denial of their faults is sad. Without attempting to sound ironic of hypocritical here, Vaktovia exists to be the true testament of real supremacy. That's our legacy: Be only the best. Our role is to utterly crush every other group who dares to challenge us. To show them that Vaktovia is and always will be their superior. And to shatter their false reality with sheer and overwhelming evidence that they are no the best, we are."

"Demonstrate your authority, instead of arguing it."