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The Current look of General Drake.

Halorabbit, who was known in Vaktovia as General Aerys Ares Darkos Drake, is a Ex - General in the Vaktovian Empire, and is the owner and leader of The Drake Family. He is also the founder of The Evolution Initiative. Aerys resigned at 06/23/2013 and gave The Evolution Initiative to Emperor Vaktus. His last words to Vaktovia were in his status. Here it is: "I'm not going to leave a forum for obvious reasons. However, I'd just like to say to all Vaktovians. It was an honour to fight along side you. May your fires never die. Glory to Vaktovia."

His account got deleted in early 2015.


"We are one nation Vaktovians, one machine. If the parts can't function as one then we break down, stand united as we push ever onwards to our ultimate victory. In times of hardship, encourage others and offer solutions instead of complaining. You will be doing a service to your empire. Hail Vaktovia."

"I am Lord Drake, Destroyer of worlds, for me defeat is not an option. I am the hunter, I do not concern my self with the follies of prey. "

"If you have a problem, present a solution."


Halorabbit was known to be quite the abstract General. He was never afraid to speak his mind about anyone, and would give his opinion about several topics that other Vaktovians were less keen on speaking about. He would hold abnormal trainings in which he would often let his trainees speak their minds as he explained topics, not requiring a "Permission to speak, sir?", and letting people speak what would normally be referred to as "out-of-turn". This gave the trainees a certain freedom, and let them learn at their own pace. He would also implement strange game-modes, such as one where he'd choose up to 7 people and give them guns and place them at the end of one tunnel, then take the rest; the majority, swords and placed them at the adjacent end of the tunnel. He would then tell the gun-wielders to stay put, and let the sword-fighters charge in; getting mowed down. When they complained to about how it's impossible to win he would reply "You aren't supposed to win" or some form of mysterious answer that not many knew how to interpret. This led to comments on the wall after trainings such as "Interesting training...." and even some complaints and reports; none of which ever leading to anything. After all, he was only training them...