Kroteus, also known as shotgun1855, was the leader of The Axis Empire Reborn (Often shortened to TAER), a group that had a short war with VAK.

He previously used the account Gunner1888, before it was scammed from him, leading him to create shotgun1855.

Currently, he uses the account named "EmperorRektus."

VAK career

Kroteus, as Gunner1888, served as a Captain of the Vaktovian Empire. He commanded the Vaktovian Fleet. He did some spy work for VAK General DevilishPyro. He served in the Vaktovian Pyro Trooper and retired as a skilled rank. He was guard of the retired Pixiepie9. He also served as a Demo Man in the prestigious Vaktovian Commando Regiment.

A few weeks after he left, he stated that he wished he never had left VAK. He worked so hard and did so much, just to leave VAK. He not only left VAK, He left roblox however he came back a few weeks later and tried to get back into VAK. He was denied, so he set out to do his own path in the Clan world. He became leader of The Axis Empire Reborn.


In the summer of 2014, Kroteus started to dig into his Vaktovian past getting skilled officers such as Barry1234 and Warmystro2 to join him. However an Ex-General- Then current General Gargix decided that no good could come of it and thus exiled the then VAC level 3 Kroteus and blacklisted him, Branding him a traitor in the eyes of Vaktovia. This however did not stop Kroteus from recruiting his former Vaktovian friends into his group, TAER. Tensions rose and in August of that year, Then Supreme General Gannex declared a 7 day war on TAER. The war however disputed on both sides resulted with no real winner at the end of the week. VAK claims the war-score was 4-2 their favor, TAER claimed the warscore was 2-2. A few weeks after the war TAER died due to internal issues. The Kroteus account was breeched by an unknown force and to this day remains bare. TAER can never again be revived. Rest in Peace- The Axis Empire Reborn, 2011-2014.

Current times (4/20/2016)

Gunner1888 decided to quit roblox after losing his account until sometime in Febuary 2016. He now Operates an account known as EmperorRektus. He is attempting to start a new group known as "The Nakorian Empire" (Pronounced Na Core Ian) He has pulled away from Vaktovia although can never forget the memories created in VAK.