Vak shut down

The logo put on any group shutdown.

When a group is shutdown by the Vaktovian Empire, the group ranks are renamed by saying something to the extent of "This, Group, Is, Shutdown, By, The, Vaktovian, Empire" or, " Join, the Vaktovian, Empire today!", etc. depending on how many ranks were made in the group. Along with that, the logo of the group is changed to the picture to the right. Many people believe the Vaktovian Empire hacks groups to shut them down, but this is not the case. You may rest easy for your group, as the Vaktovian Empire will only shutdown groups that used to be part of the Empire and are no longer of use, or if the Vaktovian Empire and another group agreed to hand over each other's groups via whoever loses a battle. Another possibility that a group is shutdown by the Vaktovian Empire is if it owned by no one, and is taken over by a Vaktovian.