Geto118118, now known as VektrinCallic, is an ex-Vaktovian Corporal. He joined the VAC program around early 2010. He rose up through the ranks, and was even accepted to the Vaktovian Cadets at level 3. When he was level 5 he was supposed to be tested by DevilishPyro to gain access to the Empire, but disconnected and instead sought out Pixiepie9 to test him. He passed the test and was later accepted into the Grey Knights.

During his time in the Empire he had been in 3 or 4 divisions. During his VAC years he was in KnickKnacks sniper squad, then it was PixiePie's company 9 when he was a Private. Later he joined the Grey Knights as a second generation Grey Knight, but when that was closed down due to its past he turned to the NorseFire under Supreme General Dologan.

His second mentor, Captain Eaglesword, was not very active in training him, he found out though that Eaglesword was making his own group "The Imperium of Man" and he joined.

It was about couple months after being a Corporal, "The Imperium of Man" was finally up and running, and he was active in both the Empire and the Imperium. Though at one point the Imperium fell into a lapse of inactivity, and Geto felt the need to take temporary leave to help it out in its time of need. So he posted on the wall and said he would be back in 2 weeks time.

When the two weeks was up, and he had decided it was time to go back to the Empire, he messaged Dologan who had to politely turn him down and direct him to General Sage Alcatraz. Sage then declined his request back to the Empire, even when he offered to come back as a Private, and therefore he left the Empire for good and was with the Imperium for the rest of the time, although, he never forgot his close friends in the Empire.

Over the course of about 2 years he had come into contact with the Empire and it's Generals many times. The Imperium of Man had made it into the Vaktovian Dominion, of which he was now the Third-in-Command of. The Imperium had taken about a month of neglect and harsh words towards them, and they were over it, they left the Vaktovian Dominion and with that, the others started to leave with them, thus was the end of the Vaktovian Dominion.

About a year later, 2013, Geto had become the Emperor of the Imperium under the name of VektrinCallic, his old Vaktovian name of which he never forgot or gave up. He was only Emperor of it for about 6 months, but he had built up a sizable group of about 400 men, and which had been in the Starlite Corporation Dominion which took down the Blue Shield Alliance.