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Gargix, previously known as General Lytarr, is an ex-Vaktovian General, and was the head of the Evolution Initiative, the development and technological division for the Empire. He was a General who was promoted along with BishoBlox. After serving as an unliked General for some time, he "resigned" while trying to make the other Generals sound like the ones in the wrong for not liking him, and Gargix defected for V O I D and leaked Vaktovian tech, branding him as a traitor of Vaktovia.

The Evolution Initiative

The Evolution Initiative's leadership was given to General Lytarr (Colonel at the time) after Ex-General Aerys Drake resigned from the Empire. Since he has had ownership of the division, he led numerous projects such as:



Trident 2.0

- The Vaktovian Summer Games

- The Vaktovian Winter Games

- Swampy Moon Outpost 2.0