GREEMINATOR is currently a Vaktovian Conscript. His Vaktovian name is Gremer Symaen. He is known for making a place/model with every member in the Empire known as 'Vaktovians.' GREEMINATOR has been with VAK since he found it years back, and, as a loyal soldier, has no plans on leaving VAK, as VAK will, if anything, be his final clan on Roblox.

In January 2015, GREEMINATOR Created the 'Natorian Family' With A Stage 4 VACCINE Named ELlMINATOR.


GREEM mascot

The Vaktovian mascot, GREEM.

GREEMINATOR is the self-proclaimed ugly mascot of The Vaktovian Empire. As the mascot, he wears his signature Unimaginative Green Hat with the Generic Superhero Mask, as well as a VAK symbol t-shirt.