G0as also known as Vexius Xarvon, is a Stage 5 (Revising) soon to be a Private in the Vaktovian Empire. He was in the VAK VOID war. He is a member of the Xarvon Family. Stage 1; 1/28/15 Stage 2; 3/21/15 Stage 3; 3/29/15 Stage 4; 4/3/15 Stage5; 6/13/15 Mentor - S5 - Yugitastic Passed Mentoring; 6/28/15. He'd like to thank Colonel ImAwesomeFool, Sergeant Yugitastic, Corporal Reno951, and Captain ChaoticDoom99. Some pictures of the young comrade. A few words from the Stage 5 "I'm usually a good guy if you get to know me, I don't talk much, but there is no need for me." -g0as "Sergeant Yugitastic is the best mentor." -g0as

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