• FrostActual during the Second Helghast Era. (Level 1)
  • FrostReprisal during the Mass Effect Era. (Stage 5)
  • Frost during his first two tours of duty.
FrostActual, previously FrostReprisal, is currently Pending Level 1 in the Vaktovian Pre-Corps and former Stage 5 in the Vaktovian Ascension Core.

FrostActual was accepted into the Vaktovian Ascension Core on November 22nd, 2014 and left on Febuary 20th, 2015. 


Frost's prior service in the Vaktovian Army Corps is a foggy memory, but Frost was then known as a VAC Level 3 under the name ChickenNoodleYum or "Tauro Wolfia".

That period lasted from Late-2012 to Early-2013.

Frost also served in the Vaktovian Ascension Core for 4 months before retiring after several failed attempts to pass his final exam into becoming a Vaktovian.

Frost is now in the VAC:EP as a pending Level 1 and is under the name of Dephylus Xarvon, adopting a different first name since he was in the Vaktovian Ascension Core.

Skills and Achievements

FrostActual has found a deep and recently found skill in Law and Education, though he favors the gun over the sword in combat.

Developed the official badges for the Xarvon Family.

Became the Number 2 Developer on the Vaktovian Wiki.
  • My First Raid as a VACCINE.
  • Raid on WIJ during the war.
  • Guarding a portal.
  • My first training as a VACCINE.
  • Portrait Photo as a Stage 5.
  • Jousting. (With Reno)
  • Raid Win on WIJ.
  • Decal from a patrol at SMO.
  • Decal from a patrol at the Recruitment Centre.

Logs and Statistics (Vaktovian Ascension Core)

Accepted - 11/22/14 by Unknown Officer

Stage 1 Passed - 11/30/14 by Captain Salverath

Stage 2 Passed - 12/07/14 by Captain Jess106

Stage 3 Passed - 12/21/14 by Senior Colonel DevilishPyro

Stage 4 Passed - 12/30/14 by Captain xerland2

Stage 5 Passed - 1/11/15 by Corporal Soulvar (Mentor)

Stage 5 Revisited - 1/19/15 by Colonel ttom25rocks

Stage 5 Revisited(2) - 2/13/15 by Major General ttom25rocks

Stage 5 Failed - 2/20/15 by Major General ttom25rocks

Left - 2/20/15

Logs and Statistics (Vaktovian Army Corps)

Accepted into VAC:EP - 11/22/14 by Captain Deltrac


Wars Participated In (Mass Effect Era):


Vaktovian Conquest (VAK vs FEAR, RSF, VS, CAT, EL)

V O I D War

Wars Participated In (Second Helghast Era):