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The place picture for Fort Avalon.

Fort Avalon was a Vaktovian base created by Stroudie. The base was never used as an official base by VAK, and never will be, as Stroudie is no longer the developer for Vaktovia. It was in it's Alpha stages before Stroudie resigned.


The fortress is located in Galaxy 7, in an arctic environment. There is the main Vaktovian base, with towers and other structures nearby. There are also caves to obtain ore from, with many small campfires scattered around.

Tools and weaponry

When a raider spawn, they start off with an M4, an Excavator, and a salute tool. When any Vaktovian personnel spawn, they start with an StA-18, an Excavator, and a salute tool. More weapons can be gained from marked weapon dispensers in buildings, but they must be purchased by refining ore obtained from the caves. 


There are multiple capture points to hold around the base in a large-scale King of the Hill match, clearly marked with beacons of light. To raid, they must be captured and held for the time necessary.