Current logo of FEAR.

First Encounter Assault Recon, or 'FEAR' is a superclan and previously the group with the most members in all of Roblox. FEAR is currently led by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX and always has been. The group has over 180,000 members and currently stands as the 3rd largest group on Roblox behind RAT and NBC Shirt Creators.


The group is thought to be a collection of noobs with little to no skill despite a handful of credible members, as about 13,000 members of the group are inactive and under the Recruit rank. Despite past assumptions, FEAR has grown to be more skilled and less "nooby" with their trainings, and can be seen on the radar as a minor threat.

Vaktovian Conquest

In early 2015, FEAR and four other clans fought in a conflict know by some as the Vaktovian Conquest. However, three of the five involved clans refused to fight back and where quickly decimated by Vaktovians, which included FEAR. Raids where conducted on FEAR a few times but it provided no difficulty to win over their base.