DuhSpartan is a former General in the Vaktovian Empire, known as General Azant Evinar. he was the General of diplomacy and negotiations. He has retired from his Vaktovian career. His previous username was Spartancherry, but that account was deleted so he moved to DuhSpartan. 

Duhspartan current look.png
Codename: Azant
Home/Post: Vaktovia
Join date: 3 Years ago
Weapon of choice: N/A
Vehicle of choice: N/A
Rank: General
1st Specialty: Negotiations


My father was a proud Vaktovian General... Until the day came when my father was killed in combat by the enemy... As I grew older I decided to join the ranks of the Vaktovian empire. From there I went up the ranks faster and faster until I had reached my goal which I had aspired from the very day my father died...I tell you this,I will be fighting for Vaktovia until the day I die.

Duhspartan's General outfit.

From his steam description:

"Even though I no longer play ROBLOX, Vaktovia will always be close to my heart. I will always remember the good times and even the bad times we had to pull through. Through the years of service I made many good friends and I would like to thank them all for being there for me and making this game I played a fantastic experience. However, I disappointed close friends and gave them false hope, for this I want to say I am truly sorry and that I never meant to harm you.

If you're asking why I quit ROBLOX, then I will give you an answer. Years ago, ROBLOX was my favorite game, that reason being the community and the people that surrounded me (Vaktovia). I rose steadily through the ranks and I shared great moments with others. I finally attained the rank of General and I gave my best to the people of Vaktovia. Slowly but surely I began to deteriorate in the terms of keeping active. The only thing that was keeping me playing ROBLOX was Vaktovia and I wondered what I could achieve out of it. I began to take breaks and play other games, this eventually resulted in me being seriously in-active and to the point of me being demoted. I disappointed people, lost my way and ultimately became the opposite of what I promised to be in the early stages of me joining Vaktovia. I was bored of ROBLOX, rumors spread out about me if I was ever going to up my game. To stop hurting the people I loved I simply stopped playing. So there it is in short, I'm certain you don't want to hear the silly parts. You may not give a damn about what I've just said but I just wanted you to know that I will and still care about you lot and that you helped me to be the person I am today. You may not accept who I am today but this is who I am. I may one day return to look at how things have changed but until then, adios mis amigos.."

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