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Codename: The Dark Warrior of the Vaktovian Empire
Home/Post: Vaktovia

Outpost Vixtron [sometimes] New Vaktovia [before it's destruction]

Join date: March 26, 2008
Weapon of choice: StA-6
Vehicle of choice: N/A (Specifically)
Rank: Retired Vaktovians (Previously Supreme General)
1st Specialty: Killing/Leading

Dologan Madrek was the Supreme General/Second in Command of the Vaktovian Empire. He retired on August 13th, 2012, and returned several months later after Vaktus re-called upon him to lead Vaktovia into an age of greatness. He has stepped down due to inactivity, withgh98765 taking his place as supreme general.

On May 18 2015 Gannex left VAK due to real life issues. Dologan chose to act as the Supreme General until Vaktus decided what to do.

Supreme General D. Madrek is the 7th Vaktovian General.

Supreme General D. Madrek led conquests on both the Alversians' People's Navy and the ROBLOX Assault Team.

He led raids on both Frost Clan and the Raven Empire with his squad team when he was a Sergeant in the Empire.


"Our enemy will fear our strength and military power. I want all robloxians to know the name of the Vaktovian Empire and the emperor Vaktus. I want them to fall into the fear of darkness when they hear those names! I want them to cry when they see our uniforms! I want to see them running when they hear the sound of our footsteps walking towards them!"


The Victory


The Defeat of the APN Leader