Disengagements Edit

Disengagements (previously known as Slayerx78) is a former Sub-Lieutenant of the Vaktovian Empire and current Private. He's a member of the Vaktovian Commissariat, invited by General DevilishPyro and a Recon 3rd Class, invited by (then) Colonel Sub25. He was a member of the Vaktovian 3rd Regiment, and a current member of the Alcatraz Family


Username: Disengagements
Name: Cyprus Alcatraz
Home: Vyrrahk, Vaktovia
Join Date: January 30, 2011
Weapon of Choice: StA-3
Rank: Private (Previously Sub-Lieutenant)
VAK as of: January 26, 2018

Disengagements rejoined VAC in 2017 after being elsewhere in the clan world for so long (RAT/UCR/RSF/FEAR). He joined right before a surge flood of officers and Vaktovians left Vaktovia in early January of 2018. Due to this the remaining Vaktovians had to take over VAC, and VACs were rushed into the Empire as a mean to stabilize Vaktovia's military.

Lore Edit

Born Cyprus Alcatraz of Vyyrahk City, the capital of Vaktovia. He was raised by Anaes Alcatraz and Ava Praedonum who had met each other when his Frostarian mother came to trade at a port in Vyyrahk. A young man Cyprus joined the Vaktovian Army Corps on the side that would eventually tear him from his Frostarian half, he served in the VAK-RAT war of 2012, eventually leaving Vaktovia after the war to visit Frostaria. Still willing to fight, Cyprus joined the ROBLOX Assault Team in order to help Frostaria's military regain their strength. He grew to become Warfare Marshal under Fleet Admirals boogiedan99 and PoIonium, a member of the Flight of Liberation and the Solstice Sentinels. He led raids against foes such as UAF, UCR, ACR, and other military forces. Multiple conquests later Cyprus gained the Medal of Honor and Medal of Valor in Frostaria. After years of fighting for Frostaria it was time for Cyprus to revisit his homeworld of Vaktovia. Once again coming back into the Vaktovian Army Corps, and to finally become a Vaktovian for the remainder of his life, he became a Vaktovian Trainer, and trained Vaktovian Cadets as he was, training them to be fearless, ruthless, and never merciful. Cyprus can often be seen now defending Outpost Kaznan or Port Maersk against foes of the Empire, or doing Commissariat work for his friend and legendary General, Pyro.