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DevilishPyro, also known as Devilish, was a General of the Vaktovian Empire before falling into inactivity and demoted to Senior Colonel, and then eventually leaving on his own will for a while due to his extensive inactivity. DevilishPyro was considered an elite mind of the empire and inspired his own share of Vaktovians. DevilishPyro was considered General of the Homeland Defenses after proving he can defend several homefronts at once at his own outpost, which is currently being used for Vaktovian military activity as to today as Outpost Pyro. He was one of the oldest members in the empire. He is currently a Colonel, lying dormant, waiting to strike. 

The old look of General Pyro.

Leaves of absense and return

On February 26th, 2014, DevilishPyro rejoined VAK as a Captain, after months of inactivity on roblox. However, by April 2014, he left once more, as he was unable to be active. On his description, he states "Although I left the Vaktovian Empire, long past beloved community and comradeship, I still linger as flying by bird, butterflies soaring around the gardens. Just contact me, I am here, shaking the leaftops with my winds and letting the leaves flow." He used his account "VAKwarrior" to keep updated on VAK for this period of time.

In July of 2014, DevilishPyro had re-joined the Vaktovian Empire, as he had finally recuperated from his crippling condition that he had been dealing with.



He was said to be altered by Emperor Vaktus after losing his fleshly parts in combat to lead and command the Vaktovian Cyborg Army as a cyborg himself...


DevilishPyro, named Pyro von Holt, was a sentient organism which was born on Swampy Moon of Istven-7 and was an elite hunter and an extremely intelligent lifeform. After a Vaktovian Badanov crash-landed upon the swampy lands, Pyro hunted the survivors until finally being shot and captured and rehabilitated, mechanically augmented and trained within the Empire. After receiving the rank of captain, he revisited his homeworld and militarized his lands in one of the most successful constructions of the Vaktovian Empire.


Lead your parole and descened on the field of battle with all your fury incarnate!

Raise the banners, wave the flags, and smash the bones of our enemies!

Generosity. Respect. Discipline