Devel upon getting Terminated


Peak Rank: Captain

Years of Service:4

Main Vaktovian Division: Nil

"Never stick your head up to high, the enemy might just cut it off"-develdogm5

Develdogm5, A four year Veteran of the Vaktovian Empire, the Vaktovian Cadets, and the Vaktovian Coalition. Starting off his ROBLOX career, he didnt do much hesitating about joining groups. His friend referred the Coalition to him, and he enjoyed seeing how affective disciplined soldiers could be, so he decided to join. He was in the Coalition for an estimated four months before the Coalition changed into the Empire that is today.

He grew inactive and didnt join the Empire right away. After coming back to the news that the group has changed, he went to join, but noticed he got placed in the Cadets, at that time, was under the command of Pixiepie9. After about four-six months in the Cadets, he finally reach his Vaktovian status once again. Not hesitating to begin working to be a trainer for the Cadets. 

Holding a plethora of trainings, he trained plenty of officers and even a few generals. While being in part of the Coalition, he met someone who was to become the sole reason he worked to be at the status that he was. That man was LegoFighter946.

Though a trouble maker, he made many friends throughout the years of service. His name is still known by plenty of current Vaktovians. 

Devel reached the peak of his Vaktovian Career with much to show. Though he was only an Officer for merely a week, he still sees that he helped improve the Vaktovian way and even set examples to those who came after him.