Danin444, also known as Danin Voltraz, his Vaktovian name.

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Danin Voltraz as a Lieutenant

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Danin Voltraz as a Stage 4.

Danin444 originally went through the Vaktovian Cadets and reached the rank of Lieutenant in the Vaktovian Empire in 2010. He was a Royal Guard and unofficially a Grey Knight. He was deveastated when the Grey Knights was shut down. He looked for something to fill his emptiness. He quit Vaktovia and Roblox for up to nearly 2 years he then came back and was accepted into the Vaktovian Ascension Core. He made it to Stage 4 before he left Vaktovia again, but when he returned and rejoined the Ascension Core he was no longer using the Danin444 account so no one knew who he was, as he wanted it.

Danin444 would like to thank Hunter7777 for accepting him into the Ascension Core, but Hunter did not know it was Danin. He would also like to thank Supreme General Dologan, Major General Anakin, and ex-VAK General Korvak. They were people he looked up to. He may return under an alternative name once again since he has thought about it and Vaktovia will always be his home and will never give up on Vaktovia no matter what.