Vykarus of the Symaen family  and the Xarvon family  was accepted into the Vaktovian Ascension Core


 on 7/21/13, quickly rose through the ranks, and was accepted to the ranks of the Vaktovian Empire 10/3/2013. He is now a Vaktovian Stage 2. 

As for his experience in Vaktovia, it has apparently been great so far. He claims it has been much better than he expected at first. He is especially surprised by the amount of great fighters in the ranks of Vaktovia. As CrimsonStatic, formerly known as Flameboy45, enjoys practicing with his comrades, it should also be noted that he is a decent sword fighter and definitely prefers swords over guns. He says that VAK is very exciting, and is glad to be among the ranks of it.

As of now, he has became almost completely inactive.