Covertus joined Vaktovia in late 2013 and is still serving. During his time in the Core he became Head of the Guard for Captain Dovah Alcatraz (Koen500) and later after his retirement went onto become Apprentice and Guard of Colonel Veit Myani (Jess106) whilst being the Right hand man of Major General Kaylow Alcatraz (Anakinskywalker211s).


Stage 1 - Colonel Azura Symaen (AzureSpirit)

Stage 2 - Captain Dovah Alcatraz (Koen500)

Stage 3 - Captain Crimson Xarvon (CrimsonStatic)

Stage 4 - Colonel Azura Symaen (AzureSpirit)

Stage 5 - Lieutenant Sylvester Symaen (Xerland2)

Private - Tested by General Huntek Madrek (Hunter7777) (18th September 2014)

Private First class - Supreme General Gannex Alcatraz (Gannex)

Corporal - General Hades (Astrochemistry)

Sergeant - General Dologan Madrek (Dologan)

Captain - OiT program


Current ranks:

Lieutenant of Vaktovia



Guards: Varixitaar, CptJackPrice

Advisor: Julius Madrek (xxhero)