"Somebody added my name here to this forum maybe a few years ago, with a lot of hate and the common etc. I guess since I cannot delete it I can contribute to it. As far as Vaktovian credentials go, I was only a Private in 2014 and barely served in the WIJ-VAK war then.

Long ago on the account Corlanius which I use as my primary today, I copied VAK 3 times. First was serious but I was retarded, second was a joke, third was with Sinnace and that eventually died a joke. If anything they all were. However, since then, you could say I became a pretty good step-up from my past. I used to copy graphics and places, which I admit with pride. Because if it wasn't for all the hate I got from it, I wouldn't have taken design classes and watched endless tutorials to become the great designer I am now. And on top of that, I can build pretty decent. I ain't as good as a lot of people but its mine and that's good enough.

Since then I've settled onto my own clan with a good community that I enjoy. I've yet to reach great relevancy but at the time of this edit here, my clan has shown great promise. Maybe I will look back at these words and how terrible I was for copying VAK and laugh.

Glory to Vaktovia, and Respect Through Allegiance."

- Corlanius