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ColourTheory (CT/Donkeyo4) 
was the leader of R.A.T during the first RAT-VAK war, as well as the primary enemy of the Vaktovian Empire, and Vaktus in 2011. ColourTheory is often shunned by Vaktovians, and he still remains to hate them. He become quite inactive on roblox for a time, thus he decided to give R.A.T to his second in command, cjsaurusrex, and so on went a chain of leadership changes, including CT himself coming back for a short time.

New Frostarian Union

After some time passed with cj leading R.A.T, ColourTheory returned to roblox to attempt to take R.A.T back and change the way it was being ruled by cj, as he did not agree with it. To do so, he made a group called the New Frostarian Union, which acted as a rebellion against R.A.T. At first, NFU had failed its task, and instead became its own, seperate warclan for a while. Eventually though, R.A.T and NFU came to an agreement, with ColourTheory once more owning R.A.T, but reforming the leadership of the group to not be ruled solely by him. All the ex R.A.T mid-high ranks who joined NFU were then given their previous rank back in R.A.T.

ColourTheory, during the R.A.T-VAK war era.