Codruler new uniform


Codruler, also known as Vyydron of the Symaen Family and the Alcatraz Family, is currently a Lieutenant of the Vaktovian Empire. He was previously a Colonel before his temporary retirement. He was promoted to Colonel in early 2013 along with a few others who received promotions, such as Arcaneclone. He was known for his loyalty, fighting skills, adored trainings, and his fear-inspiring hat combo that includes the expensive hat by the name of "General Protection Fault".

During late summer, 2013, however, a virus caused him to be inactive in the Empire. Recently, he had become increasingly active as he has access to another computer, but he, like many of us, has school which causes him to have a slight activity drop compared to summer. He has hosted many successful raids and trainings and is a valuable asset to the Vaktovian Empire. He retired on the 1st of September, 2014, to the rank of Private.

Codruler often invented games to make trainings more enjoyable. One of his most well-known games is Anarchy, a game which he created as a Captain.