Old Pyro Map

The full map of the classic Outpost Pyro.

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Outpost Pyro, also known as the Swampy Moon Outpost (SMO), has had many changes to make it what it is today. However, many remember Outpost Pyro the best back when it was a simply designed fort.


In the Early Vaktovian Empire, Outpost Pyro had a very basic layout, consisting of Vaktovian spawning to the left of the base, and raider spawning in a small cave to the right of the base, along with Vaktovian Cadet spawning in the cluster of rocks closest to the base.


Old Pyro armoury

The well known armoury of Outpost Pyro.

Old Pyro rally room

The rally room from classic Pyro.

Unlike the more recent Outpost Pyro, the classic Pyro had it's signature room; The Armoury. This room included multiple hat givers for Vaktovians (or even raiders) to aquire a red Alien Airbreather hat to match their Vaktovian uniform if they so desired. 

There were also other non-essential rooms including the small rally room (also jokingly called the Vaktovian church by many due to it's design), and across that room, the planetary hologram room, consisting of a small grouping of coloured orbs representing different planets in Outpost Pyro's galaxy.

Old Pyro planet room

The planetary room in classic Pyro.

A room still in use in today's Outpost Pyro is the hangar. However, back in Outpost Pyro's old days, instead of a terminal to capture, the hangar consisted of a lone flag sitting in the center of the room. It was a simple, low-tech solution for a raidable base.

Decommisioned weapons

Unlike today's Outpost Pyro, the old Pyro had many different types of weapons to be aquired from the armoury, such as the StA-11, StA-3, VC-32, the Riot Shield, Grenades, and even Flares.

Old Pyro hangar

The old hangar with a flag at old Pyro.

Outpost Pyro also included a controllable, unmanned drone called the ATAC. If a Vaktovian went into the second tower, they could find a room with a small control panel, to pilot the ATAC as they please. This vehicle was nobly decommisioned due to the unfair advantage it gave the Vaktovian team.