Chanomano as a stage 1


Chanomano as a Colonel

Chanomano is currently a level 1 VAC, but was previously a Vaktovian officer for over three years. He originally joined the Empire in 2009, after engaging in battle against Vaktovians as an APN soldier in the VAK v. APN first war. Shortly after fighting Vaktovians, chanomano left APN and joined directly to the Empire, several weeks before the first Cadet group was made.

Chanomano ascended through the ranks quickly, becoming a lieutenant within four months - an all time record. A month later after becoming a lieutenant, the no rank-jumping law was put into place, preventing anyone from being promoted that quickly again. Four months later, chanomano was promoted to the rank of Captain by General Dologan, and quickly became an excellent officer.

Chanomano then became known as a raiding officer, as he often led raids against Vaktovian enemies, such as RAT and UAF, with a six man squad. He often achieved raid victories easily, due to his unparalleled skill in promoting teamwork and skill within a squad. A short six months later, he was silently promoted to Colonel, due to high achievement and recommendation from head of Methyle Arms PBZSSWAT. He soon gained recognition as a level-headed officer, with wise recommendations and advice, and soon became a senior colonel.

Six months after becoming a senior colonel, Chanomano fought against Beworking's Zolotrivian rebellion, and was eventually swayed to Beworking's side due to the mental conflict he had while slaying his own brothers and sisters. Beworking's rebellion failed two weeks later, due to lack of technology, hate, and Vaktovian resistance. Chanomano rejoined the Empire two weeks later as a Captain, thanks to Dologan's good will.

Chanomano became a wise officer yet again, but often looked down at new soldiers and officers due to their lack of experience. After being an officer for several months, he was then promoted to colonel for his excellency in leadership and training. At this time he excelled in personal skills, such as making uniforms and building. He quickly became a senior colonel yet again, and shortly afterwards, the law trainer for the new and reimagined Vaktovian Academy. After the academy was shut down, he got into a personal argument with Vaktus, and slowly lost renown and favor in the high command. Later, he tried to gather a group of officers and again confront Vaktus about the problems at that time, but was put down by the Emperor, and eventually became inactive. Months later, he left the Empire in a fit of sadness.(

A year after resigning as a colonel, Chanomano rejoined the new Vaktovian Ascension Core as a level 1 VAC, where he resides currently.