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Caesar101's Vaktovian look.

Caesar101, or Caesar Radec, was the Vaktovian Mael Radec. He is an ex-Vaktovian Colonel. He was one of the most important Vaktovians in history next to Dologan, the Emperor, and Mario Metrac. He served as a Centurion in The Grand Imperium, along with Hugginator before leaving.


If you know Mael Radec from Killzone's background, you know Caesar's.

Caesar Radec was born sometime in the 24th century on Vaktovia around the time of the Great Depression. When Vaktus rose to power, Radec joined the newly formed military. Due to his extremely impressive skills, he quickly rose through the ranks. He was made Colonel for his ruthless leadership and later set up the Radec Academy in Vyyrahk City. Radec helped plan the invasion of the Frostarian Homeworld in 2008 and worked as an advisor to Vaktus, along with General Dologan, General Mario, and General Sage. He never took part in the invasion himself, and remained behind to train more troops at his academy. He is a rare commander as he requires a breathing mask similar to the lower ranking Vaktovians however many of the lower ranks speak highly of him, as they did of General Korvak. Many consider Hugginator and Radec to be good friends or close working associates. In the later days of Radecs time of the Empire, he often employed Hugginators assistance and raided with his forces most often, targets being mainly UAF or RAT.

Following the retiring of General Metrac, and the Vaktovian victory over RAT, Hugginator took Radec into his "Grey Knights" division and had him fight alongside them in elite styled battles such as The Battle of SMO IV.

Following his friends exile, Radec began to slowly lose touch with the Empire, falling inactive, visiting former Vaktovians who were friends, and often being accused of Treachery by Dologan.

The War on RAT

As mentioned above, Colonel Radec was in the RAT-VAK war. During the final battle, he brought his entire academy to the battle to fight with the main Empire. When RAT lost, Caesar stayed in VAK for almost a year more. After years of serving Vaktovia, he was then exiled.

Radec Today

Radec was a member of TGI, a Centurion ranked sub-officer. Rumors are he wished to stay that way; Comfortable in his similar role as to "Radec" in VAK.

He has taken part in the VAK vs TGI war with Ex-General Hugginator.

Caesar101 served as Hugginator's (Korvak) subordinate in TGI, and the pair won a major fraction of the Victories partook towards the Vaktovian Empire. Experienced against his former comrades, Radec poses a viable threat to Vaktovian Morale, especially alongside Hugginator.

Both Hugginator and Caesar101 left TGI later in the VAK-TGI war, and now Caesar101 is partaking in other groups, unafflicted with VAK.