BlademasterReborn while as AustinWinfree in the Vaktovian Empire.

BlademasterReborn, his previous names being AustinWinfree and LeonVX, was a Vaktovian Captain at the time of his retiring, and was one of the champions of the Vaktovian Summer Games, along with Maddenis10. His Vaktovian name was Leon Vextrus Xul. He was well known for his skill with swordmenship. So much so, that he was a Former Jr. Bladesmaster of VCR. He was the owner of the Xul family when it was reborn for a short while. He joined the Army Corps May 18th, 2011, and was accepted into the Empire December 12th, 2012.

AustinWinfree retired from the Vaktovian Empire due to lack of time he had to spend on roblox. However, after a few months into his retirement, he decided to attempt to re-join the ranks of Vaktovia, even though he would not be able to be as active. He is currently in the Vaktovian Ascension Core at the time of writing. He is currently a Private in the Empire.