Logo for the ROBLOX clan battle 2014.

During August 2014, ROBLOX began an event known as the Clan Battle. Utilising the new Player Points system, players would get a point for every kill they achieved in one of the three Clan Battle arenas:

Paintball Brawl:

Medieval Melee:

Space Showdown:

Groups can make their members 'Clan' members, which means that their player points contribute to the group's Clan Points. The Clan with the most player points in each arena would receive a personalized hat with their respective clan's logo.

BishoBloxxed ended up winning by a longshot in the Paintball Brawl arena, which was their main arena focus. Most of the top 100 players at Paintball Brawl are also part of BishoBloxxed. BishoBloxxed is based in the Paintball Brawl arena, with it's members fighting there for points. It is owned by General Astrochemistry and is co-owned by General Bektor. BishoBloxxed is sponsored by the Vaktovian Empire, and due to this, it is mainly comprised of active, elite soldiers from both VAK and VAC. Some associates of Vaktovia are also in the clan, fighting under it's banner.

BishoBloxxed Paintball Helmet

The custom BishoBloxxed paintball helmet.

Due to BishoBloxxed's uncontested victory, the clan members of the group were all awarded with a specially made custom paintball helmet, including the "BishoBloxxed" VAK logo on the forehead. Many Vaktovians have been wearing it since.