Vaktovian Empire Wiki

Supreme General Kharnerus Bektor has been with Vaktovia for many years, serving as a front-line leader, as well as an invisible hand who turns the gears within the high command of the Empire.

Known for his undying loyalty, impeccable strategic planning, and overall positive attitude towards managing

the empire, Kharnerus Bektor has proven himself to be worthy of his title, and perhaps even more.

Founder and current owner of the Kharnerus family, an aged family lost within time, but shrouded in rich, intriguing history. The Kharnerus family was, in its time, one of the most beloved families alongside Xul and Alcatraz, though its member count dwindled to a halt over time, and eventually only the pure-blooded Kharnerus members remain. This cycle has been seen in most other families, and it seems Kharnerus could not escape this fate either.

Supreme General Bektor