Former Lieutenant Billythefail, known as Kroenen von Meythle, was one of the first cadets to enter the original acadamy in the summer of 2010. Upon graduation, he jettisoned through the ranks. He ended up being unfairly punished by General Beworking after another lieutenant, Kentaroemo reported him to Beworking for insubordination, though they were the same rank. Later, he shutdown his group, ORE, for the rank of Sergeant. After earning lieutenant back, he fell inactive in Vak for Germanic groups on Roblox. Ever since, he has been a forgotten face; remembered by few.


- Chairman of Meythle Arms

- Builder for Mafiaman98

- Vaktovian brother of Solong66

- Guard of MTVAlentino

- Apprentice of o0pedro0o

- Recruited Codruler