Basalisk in a custom uniform for the original Radec squad.

Basalisk was a Captain of The Vaktovian Empire. He led many successful raids but was often at his strongest defending The Swampy Moon Base.


Basalisk joined Roblox in 2007. A couple years later he joined the clan, Vicious Circle, owned by TwoShue. Rocketing through the ranks he was given the group. While spending some time in the Sword Fighting Tournament (Gamer101) Some Vaktovians told him he should try out the academy. He joined and went to a training. He excelled, mostly in discipline and swordfighting and was admitted into the Empire the same day. He quickly rose through ranks achieving the rank of Lieutenant. Then he joined Colonel Caesar101's squad. After serving alongside Radec he became his right hand man. He shortly afterwards became a Captain. Eventually as a Captain he left the Empire with many other members. Originally trying out many super clans such as R.A.T and WIJ he joined TGI. Shortly afterwards he quit Roblox. Today Basalisk logs on to Roblox occasionally to say hi or get mixed up in some clan excitement.