Vaktovian Empire Wiki

Barry1234's in his custom spymaster uniform.

Barry1234, also known as Vydrakk Musert, was the Vaktovian Empire's Royal Spymaster. He was a Colonel and a Captain for a month before being exiled due to issues with the Generals. He used to lead the Obsidian Order, as well as managed all undercover operations. He was said to be one of the most intimidating Vaktovian Officers and that he was always watching. When not in-game, the Spymaster is online on one of his many alts, or discussing espionage matters.This is confirmed by the Spymaster stating "I'm at SMO 30 minutes a day, and SMO is about 5 - 10% of my time spent on ROBLOX, know that." He does not like to have as many 'friends' as most people would because he sees it as corruption.


"Through the fire and cries of those unlucky I stop and stare at my fallen ally,  with one hand I shall carry my friend across the battlefield,  and with the other I will fight for the empire.  This is the Vaktovian way."  ~Vydrakk Ku'hn Cor Zörxe Anton Adriaan Mussert 

"People don't like me, they like my rank."

"Rather die with honor, than live without."