BMAN110, also known as Xenon Alcatraz, was a Private in the Vaktovian Empire, prior to the war with The Grand Imperium. Xenon left the Empire at the implementation of the new VAX/VACCINE uniforms. He immediately thereafter joined The Grand Imperium.

The Grand ImperiumEdit

BMAN110 quickly rose through the Arcadian Guard and ascended into the Grand Imperium. After months of relentless activity, he achieved the rank of Field Marhal. In addition to that, he was also a Dragoon and Gladiator. By this time, however, he had switched to the account known as "Proelio," after BMAN110's termination. He was exiled shortly after his promotion to Field Marshal, and he was later terminated again. 

At The Current DateEdit

BMAN110, now known as ImProelio, has returned to TGI. He is also endeavoring into reviving his own clan, The Salvanian Legion.