AwesomeAlan1 (also known as Scortch Alcatraz) is an Ex-Vaktovian Captain. He retired on September 26th, 2014.


He was an ex-Sage's Hounds warrior, a ex-Vaktovian Empire Company 9 member, and a ex-Vaktovian Arctic division Alpha squad leader.

He initially joined the Vaktovian Cadets, then joined The Army Corps when the Cadets was AA'ed. Finally, at level 4, he joined TVA, and after impressing everyone with his sword fighting skills, he was given his graduation test by BishoBlox, and he was accepted into the Empire on February 11th, 2012 by Liam3131.

He was most known for his sword fighting and building skills. Commonly known as "Scortch".

A Captain who's main goal was to train the soldiers of VAK the best he can.


Vaktovian Events:

3rd in the first Vaktovian Winter Games

4th in the first Vaktovian Summer Games

5th in the second Vaktovian Winter Games

2nd in the second Vaktovian Summer Games



One of Scortch's ROBLOX thumbnails, credit goes to DomeBoyBeene.

Roleplay Background

Birthplace of Captain Scortch Alcatraz. Deep in the arctic mountains of the frozen planet near the edge of Galaxy 2, in a facility not known to many Vaktovians, experiment #3043 was subjected to intense amounts of fire-proof armor experiments. After an accident with one of the fusion reactors, he was merged with his fire-proof armor, and his body was permanently fused with the fire used in the first experiments. After escaping the facility, news of the accident spread through communications. VMP were already on the scene, they captured #3043 and took him back to train and hone his new-found abilities.

Some say the helmet he wore protected others from the heat and rage that built up inside, others say he wore it to look fabulous.



"We kill for survival, not for fun."

"When in doubt, Google it."